Churches re-opening for public masses

We are now in a position to have a limited return to the celebration of Mass.

For the moment, this will be weekend masses only (weekday masses will still be said in private and uploaded to the Parish Facebook page)

This will involve generosity and understanding on the part of all parishioners.

The Church is limited to 50 people including Priest, Deacon and Volunteers.

We ask people to observe and follow the direction of the Stewards.

Entry will be on a first come basis.

The Church will open 1/2 hour before mass is due to begin & entrance is through the main door only.

Please do not be offended if you are turned away / door is closed as it is not our intention to offend anyone but we must adhere to the guidelines in place for the safety of everyone.

We may have the option of outdoor speaker system further down the line, but for the moment it will be just indoor mass. 

Please note the following: 

Those who are sick or have any symptoms of or confirmed COVID-19 should stay at home. Close contacts of a person who has a confirmed or suspected case of the virus, It is suggested that those in the vulnerable category might also stay at home for the moment.

Please be aware that no seats will be reserved.

Entrance is through the main door only and all doors will be used to exit the church.

All members of the congregation are encouraged to wash and sanitise their hands before leaving home and on entering and exiting the church. If you wish you can bring your own pocket hand-sanitiser with you. People are encouraged not to bring unnecessary items into the church for mass. i.e. bags.

You are advised to wear face coverings while inside the church.

Please follow the direction of the stewards at all times

The reception of Holy Communion is in the hand and not on the tongue.

If you wish to donate financially to the parish, a basket will be placed on a table as you enter the church and you can place your offering/contribution in the basket, and then you will be escorted to your seat.

At the moment, the social distancing is two meters which includes all 50 people who can be accommodated at any one Mass in both churches. This number may change if the social distancing is relaxed.

*Two people per seat or

*one household (those living under the one roof) are included in

the 50 people who can attend, and they can be seated together.

Thank you to all our Volunteers who are making the return to public masses possible.